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Andy Garden
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts & Test Prep Instructor
Essay Specialist




College of William & Mary (History, B.A.; Global Studies, B.A.)

University of Texas at Austin (Architecture, M.A.)


Counseling Experience:

Andy has extensive experience in goals coaching with high school and college-age students. As a former high school teacher, he worked with students to refine college applications and achieve their dream results.


Counseling Philosophy:

"The college application process is a chance to step back and think about what makes you unique and special. Colleges are looking for students who not only have top grades, but also bring a diversity of experience to their school. As a counselor, I am energized by students' individual backgrounds and stories. It's my job to help that student translate their beliefs, experiences, and passions into a compelling application."

Teaching Experience:

Andy taught 11th grade US history and 6th grade world history with Teach For America. During that time, he led professional development for social studies teachers and developed an ACT course for high school juniors. He worked as a teaching assistant for beginning Spanish at William & Mary and currently serves as a teaching assistant at UT.


Educational Philosophy:

"I believe that critical engagement with the underlying questions and context of academic content is key to building enduring understanding and academic success. Moreover, it prepares students to understand and thoughtfully engage with the world around them."


Interesting Fact:

In college, Andy took a winter camping course where he built and lived in a snow hut for a week.

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