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Brian Kim
Math/Science Instructor



University of Texas at Austin (B.S. Chemical Engineering, Process Systems and Product Engineering - in progress)


Teaching Experience:

Brian has extensive experience in privately tutoring others, from teaching SAT and ACT math from home to helping peers and other students in subjects such as Calculus while attending the University of Texas at Austin. Mathematics has always been Brian’s favorite subject, and he is always eager to help others learn and become more familiar with mathematics so that they may cultivate a passion for mathematics as well.


Educational Philosophy:

“I believe that teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world as they directly impact and influence the next generation of students and the future. With this mentality and responsibility, I strive to make learning an enjoyable experience for each and every student so that they may always desire to learn more and become overachievers to advance not only themselves but society and civilization as a whole.”


Interesting Fact:

Brian enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee frequently and enjoys participating in any active sports and activities. On top of staying active, Brian has been playing the trumpet for over eight years and enjoys passing the time by jamming out with his guitar.

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