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Brie Winnega
English/Language Arts Instructor



University of  Michigan (English, B.A.)

University of Texas at Austin (English Ph.D - in progress)

Teaching Experience:

Brie’s first teaching experience was as a writing tutor for the University of Michigan Sweetland Center for Writing, which inspired her to continue finding ways to support students’ learning. As an undergraduate, she took summer teaching assistantships to help mentor incoming freshmen on how to become college-level writers. During this time, she also led resume building workshops for undergraduate students from various disciplines and volunteered in Detroit to help high school students on college admission essays. She is currently a Teaching Assistant in the English Department at the University of Texas at Austin.


Educational Philosophy:

“My goal is to help students achieve more confidence in their abilities to read comprehensively and produce quality writing. I encourage students to take control of their own learning and aim to create a friendly environment where students will feel excited to learn.”


Interesting Fact:

This is Brie’s first year in Texas, where she has happily evaded a Michigan winter for the first time.

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