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Jackson Cummings
Math/Science Instructor




University of Texas at Austin (Physics, B.S.) 


Teaching Experience:

Jackson has just finished up his fourth year teaching high school. He began teaching in 2014 at Giddings High School where he taught Algebra 2 and AP Physics until he transferred to Leander High School in the Fall of 2016.  His past two years at LHS he has taught Pre-AP/IB Precalculus and Physics.


Educational Philosophy:

"From my experience of teaching high school students over the past four years, I have learned that motivation, creativity, and consistency are the three most essential skills in creating the optimal learning environment. I don’t care how much advanced calculus and particle physics you know. If you lack these three skills, you will not be a successful teacher. Students are so different from one another in so many ways. It is required that the teacher shows genuine interest in each of his/her students to figure out how to motivate each student to want to be successful. Motivation is more of an art than a science, and the teacher must be creative in discovering students’ motivators. This requires a patient teacher that will not give up on any of his/her students. "


Interesting Fact:

Jackson just got married this past February!

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