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Daniel Jung
Math/Science Instructor



University of Texas at Austin (B.S.A Physics & B.S Radio-Television and Film- in progress)


Teaching Experience:

Throughout Daniel’s whole high school career, he tutored math and physics to his peers. During his senior year, he founded his school’s first Physics club and gave biweekly lectures after school. Not only does Daniel have experience tutoring high school students, but he also created a summer camp for over 40 middle school students. He presented several lectures and demonstrated physics and chemistry to his students.


Educational Philosophy:

“There’s a huge difference between knowing the name of something and actually understanding that something. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to ensure that a student not only knows the formula, but also the meaning and implications behind it.”


Interesting Fact:

Daniel is also a Filmmaker and Photographer. He plans on directing a feature film one day.

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