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Keagan Potts
English/Language Arts Instructor



Loyola University Chicago (Philosophy and English, B.A.)
Western Michigan University (Philosophy, M.A.)
University of Michigan (J.D. in Progress)

Teaching Experience:

Keagan has been teaching for three years, the last two of which he spent as an instructor at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. While he was a graduate student he taught Just War Theory, Philosophy of Law, Biomedical Ethics, and Humanitarian Intervention. Keagan enjoys leading applied ethics courses because their difficult subject matter affords him the opportunity to help students formulate their own original scholarship on complex social issues. Students have told him that discovering and supporting their own answers to challenging questions made the class particularly impactful. Keagan also served as the undergraduate ethics bowl coach and founded Ethics Outreach at WMU, a group that extended free educational programming to local pre-college students.


Educational Philosophy:

“I am a firm believer in the liberal arts. I love the humanities because the humanities help us understand how we ought to live together. In short the humanities teach us what it is to be human. I focus on core scholarly virtues: Open-Mindedness, Intellectual Humility, Love of Learning, Conscientiousness, Honesty, and Perseverance (this list is not exhaustive). Students that successfully practice virtues are prepared to carve out their own unique role in thriving academic communities. The purpose of education is to foster the student’s intellect and unleash their imagination so that they may shape their world. Above all else, these virtues give students access to a life long practice of pursuing knowledge—as recognizing the intrinsic value of knowledge is a precondition for acquiring scholarly virtues.”


Interesting Fact:

Keagan still holds Loyola’s all-time records in indoor and outdoor pole vault, and ran the first leg on the fastest 4x100 meter relay team in school history.

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