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Kendall Forbes
Head Counselor​ & Essay Specialist




Texas A&M (English, B.A.)


Counseling Experience: 

Prior to moving to Austin, Kendall lived in New Hampshire where she spent two years working at Dartmouth College in Admissions and Financial Aid. In addition to her experience in college admissions, she is also a certified English teacher. 


Counseling Philosophy: 

"I enjoy helping students craft an application that is honest, introspective and thoughtful. It is hard for most students to truly express themselves within the constraints of a college application; I enjoy taking the time to help students find their voice and identify their passions. It is also important that students align the objective components of the application to the personal narrative they are communicating to an admissions committee. The process can be overwhelming and tedious, but by breaking it into discrete parts it becomes manageable and hopefully rewarding."

Teaching Experience: 

Following college, Kendall moved to Okinawa, Japan where she taught English and worked in Department of Defense schools for three years. Most recently, she worked in Admissions and Financial Aid at Dartmouth College helping students and parents navigate the admissions process. 


Educational Philosophy: 

"I believe students learn best when they are empowered to take ownership in their learning. As an educator, I engage in frequent discussions with my students and challenge them to become active participants in the learning process."


Interesting Fact:

Kendall would love nothing more than to own a cat cafe. 

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