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Marina Flider
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts & Test Prep Instructor
Essay Specialist




Wellesley College (English and Comparative Literature, B.A.)  
University of Texas at Austin (Comparative Literature, Ph.D.)


Counseling Experience: 

Over the last ten years, Marina has guided students of all ages through their college, study abroad, scholarship, and graduate school applications. While completing her education, she also served as a resident advisor and peer mentor.


Counseling Philosophy: 

"Students thrive when they are matched with academic programs that nourish their interests and talents. As a counselor, my job is to identify and hone my advisee's individual passions and strengths. Doing so transforms the application process into an engaging, revelatory, and ultimately self-affirming exercise." 


Teaching Experience: 

Marina, while completing her education, gained proficiency in three foreign languages and taught a myriad of ELA courses ranging from SAT prep to college-level composition. Her love of the written word has fueled her passion for teaching. Whether instructing grammar, literature, or foreign language classes, she aims to empower her students by improving their writing and reading skills-- linguistic tools foundational to self-expression, critical thought, and civic discourse.


Educational Philosophy: 

“Our passions are contagious, especially if we have the right words to express them. Words help us find ways to voice these unique interests and perspectives; in this way, it provides us with the means to build healthy relationships with others, our environment, and ourselves. A strong command of language allows us to express our interests, regardless of what they are. It enables us to transcend the divisions between disciplines, and unveil connections between seemingly disconnected systems of thought.”

Interesting Fact: 

A teacher at day, tango dancer at night.

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