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Paul Roncal
Math/Science Curriculum Manager & Head Instructor




University of Texas at Austin (Neuroscience, B.S.) 

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston


Teaching Experience: 

Paul has tutored advanced mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics courses at the University of Texas at Austin. He attended the medical school at the University of Texas Health Science at Houston for 3 years and did research on visual plasticity of primates. He has also tutored at the Learning Center in the Seminole Reservation in Big Cypress Florida. He has experience tutoring K-12 grade students from different backgrounds and actively tutors in the Austin area.


Educational Philosophy: 

“My teaching style is to work with the student to build a framework to which the student can be able to build concepts and apply them to tests and other areas of learning. Also, because every student is unique, the framework will be unique to that student. As a tutor, I really enjoy helping the student build his learning style framework with an emphasis on discovery, enjoyment, and understanding.” 


Interesting Fact:

Although Paul went to medical school, currently he's not practicing medicine. Rather, he's an entrepreneur who started a startup through Kickstarter. Ultimately, he wants to fuse his medical and entrepreneurial knowledge.

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