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Priyanka Vaidya
Math/Science Instructor



University of Texas at Austin (Biomedical Engineering, B.S.) 

Teaching Experience:

Priyanka has done voluntary tutoring at a Premier High School of North Austin for math, science, and computer science. Priyanka also tutored throughout her time in high school for students who were advanced as well as those who needed improvement. Priyanka has tutored students who are either in elementary, middle school, and high school. Priyanka has also tutored an individual for the SATs over the course of 5 months.


Educational Philosophy:

"I believe that it is the teacher’s responsibility to adapt to a student’s needs and a student’s responsibility to do the hard work assigned to them. It is important to me that students appreciate what they learn and why they learn it. I want to inspire a passion in students for learning and how they can change the world with what they have learned. And above all I believe that if you strive for excellence, success will follow.”


Interesting Fact:

She got 4th place (out of 50) in a Harry Potter trivia contest.

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