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Rachel Piwarski
English/Language Arts Instructor




University of North Dakota (English, B.A., M.A.)

University of Texas at Austin (English Ph.D - in progress)

Teaching Experience:

Rae worked for three years as a teacher of college composition at the University of North Dakota. She taught basic essay, research, cover letter, and resume writing. Above everything else, she taught critical thinking skills. She now works in a similar capacity at the University of Texas at Austin, but has gained experience teaching specific concepts and trends in American literature.


Educational Philosophy:

“As a teacher of English at the college level over the last five years, I’ve learned that students need reassurance that they are capable of achieving success. Students often tell me that English isn’t their subject. Through a learning process that requires hard work, dedication, and patience from both the teacher and the student, I strive to help students elevate their self-confidence in the discipline of English. Through all of the hard work and focus, I also emphasize the importance of maintaining an engaging atmosphere that harbors curiosity and wonder. Students will not only build confidence in their abilities, but do so in an enjoyable environment, which helps them achieve their greatest potential."


Interesting Fact:

Rae loves animals and shares several rescue pets with her husband.

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