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Ryan Groves

English/Language Arts & Test Prep Instructor ​

Essay Specialist




West Virginia University (History, B.A.)

University of Central Florida (History, M.A.)

University of Texas at Austin (History, Ph.D.)


Teaching Experience: 

Ryan has spent six years teaching students of diverse backgrounds in United States, European, African, and Asian history. He has also served as a college writing counselor, archivist, reporter, worked for a global policy nonprofit and a variety of academic publications.


Teaching Philosophy: 

“I believe that a solid educational foundation begins with the courage to ask questions. From questions comes exploration, and from exploration comes understanding. Therefore, I encourage my students to be inquisitive about the subject matter in front of them and the world around them. This encouragement manifests itself through discussions that emphasize conceptual comprehension above factual regurgitation.”


Interesting Fact: 

He spent six months traveling throughout South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho conducting field research for his dissertation. And avid music enthusiast, Ryan enjoys collecting and playing music.

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