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Sarah Carson
English/Language Arts Instructor



Baylor University (Journalism, B.A.)

The University of Texas (Masters of Education- Urban Teachers program)

Teaching Experience:

Through Sarah’s masters program at UT, she gained instructional experience with both middle and high school students and is certified to teach English Language Arts in Texas for grades 7-12. From top researchers and educators at UT, Sarah learned to teach mental actions that enhance students’ reading experience, to conduct writing conferences to help students find their voice, and effective ways to engage and motivate students who may typically be labeled “at risk” or unmotivated. This past summer, Sarah taught English to elementary school students in Guatemala.


Educational Philosophy:

“My favorite role is to be a student’s biggest fan. I believe when students are affirmed in their abilities and given tools that will help them for their whole lives, they will be life-long learners and think critically about the world for themselves, instead of feeling as though teachers have all the knowledge. I see myself as a co-learner with students, ready to share my struggles, knowledge, tips, and tricks, and ready to learn their passions, patterns, and goals for their own learning."


Interesting Fact:

Sarah has been to 4 out of 7 continents! Her favorite country is South Africa because you get both mountains AND beaches in the same place.

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