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Sazid Choudhury
Math/Science Instructor
English/Language Arts Instructor
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University of Texas at Austin (B.S.A Biology)


Teaching Experience:

Sazid has been a teaching assistant for Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. He has taught several class sections while also tutoring individuals that needed extra help. He also worked as a tutor for Sanger Learning Center at the University of Texas at Austin. He has tutored Biology, Genetics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and Statistics. He has also worked as a peer academic coach at Sanger Learning Center where he would help students become better at planning and improve motivation and learning strategies to improve their grades.


Educational Philosophy:

“I believe that learning happens both ways. Each students I teach can teach me things as well. There is always room for gaining new knowledge. I enjoy the moments where a student completely grasps a concept after I help them through some issues they might have had. I hope I am approachable for the students so they are encouraged to ask me questions. I hope to help students improve and reach the goals they have set out for themselves.”


Interesting Fact:

He is a huge soccer fan and usually goes to watch his favorite team Barcelona play whenever they play in the US.

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