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Sharon Noh
College Admissions Counselor
Math/Science & Test Prep Instructor




University of California, Los Angeles (Psychobiology, B.S.)

University of Texas at Austin (Cognitive Neuroscience, Ph.D. in progress)


Counseling Experience: 

Sharon has had experience helping students from California and Texas apply to both undergraduate and graduate programs across the U.S. Several of her students have been admitted to top programs all around the country.


Counseling Philosophy: 

"I believe that everyone has a unique story to share, and it is up to both the student and counselor to make sure to convey each student's story in the most compelling way. I like to invest heavily in getting to know each of my students individually so that we can work together in finding ways to best communicate the student's strengths within the limited confines of each college application."

Teaching Experience: 

While Sharon was in Los Angeles, she taught SAT I and II math courses, AP and SAT Biology courses, and general courses in Biology, Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II.  Additionally, she worked for several years as a college level tutor (general topics areas: Statistics, Biology, Physics, and Math) and a quantitative instructor (for DAT and GRE math courses) after graduating from UCLA.


Educational Philosophy: 

"I believe the goal of education is to enhance long-term learning and performance.  Often times, strategies that seem more difficult for learning in the short-term enhance long-term retention.  I incorporate these optimal learning strategies in my teaching as much as possible, while also trying to keep the learning process relatively simple and fun."


Interesting Fact: 

Sharon really enjoys playing board games and watching the discovery channel.

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