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Stephani Savicki
English/Language Arts Instructor



Lewis and Clark College (B.A., Psychology)

University of Texas at Austin (M.A., Psychology)

Teaching Experience: 

Stephanie has been a teaching assistant for the last three years at UT. She has mainly worked with freshmen as they navigate the transition into college. For the last year, she has been a Lead TA, managing one of the university’s largest online intro classes. In recognition of her work, she was awarded the Department of Psychology Janet T. Spence Teaching Award for Excellence as a Teaching Assistant for the 2017-2018 year.


Educational Philosophy: 

“Growing up in a low-income area, I saw firsthand how a lack of resources and opportunities can affect students as they try to prepare for college. I feel strongly that every student deserves to have access to information and the necessary tools to succeed in order to allow their individual potential to flourish. I believe in working collaboratively with students to help them realize their interests and goals as well as identify their unique strengths and experiences that set them apart.”


Interesting Fact: 

Stephanie has been to 22 countries!

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