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Stephany Kim 
Math/Science Instructor
English/Language Arts Instructor
College Admissions Counselor



University of California Los Angeles (B.A.Sc in Physiological Science and Russian Language and Literature)​


Teaching Experience:

Stephany has extensive experience working as a private tutor, where she has taught a variety of subjects including math, English, and science courses. Outside of academics, Stephany has taught a diverse group of students in her capacity as a Taekwondo instructor. 


Educational Philosophy:

"Век живи, век учись." This Russian proverb, which translates to "live a century, learn a century," really encompasses my personal teaching philosophy. I believe that the classroom is a learning environment for everyone, where both the students and the teachers are learners. I hope to learn and develop myself through my students, and I hope my students will learn and develop themselves through me. 


Interesting Fact:

Stephany was a 3-time National US Taekwondo Team member and represented the US at many international competitions!

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